Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Staycation in Louisville, KY

One of the blogs I follow, Smockity Frocks is hosting a Staycation in all 50 states today. She doesn't have Kentucky, so I decided to write a blog post and see if she'll link to it. It just so happens we are planning a staycation and I had already been doing some research. This list is by no means exhaustive of all the great things to do in Louisville, but these are the things that interest my family.

The Louisville Zoo

Every year my husband's father gives us a family membership for Christmas, but even if it weren't already free for us, it's still a good bargain. Adults are $12.95, Children 3 - 11 are $9.95 and 2 and under are FREE!

They just opened the new Glacier Run exhibit housing a polar bear and a grizzly family, including two of the most playful cubs you'd ever want to see. Calistoga Springs is included in zoo admission and is a fun water park when you need to cool off.

Eighty-five acres of green space right next to the river in downtown Louisville. There are water fountains, playgrounds, and picnic tables too. Unfortunately, there was a lot of flooding this spring, so we may not have as many fun free events this year.

Giant Bat - need I say more? Adults $10, Kids 6 - 12 $5, Kids 5 and younger FREE! Watch bats being made in the factory and tour the museum for fascinating baseball history. This is on "museum row" downtown, right across the street are the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Louisville Science Center, and Frazier History Museum, which are all great, but now we're talking $$ if you do all of them. I would recommend hanging out downtown for the day, and if the Bats are in town, catching a game later that evening.

We've never been to this center, so it's definitely on our list. From the website, they offer widflower gardens, hiking and a bird blind, along with events on occasion.

Another favorite outdoor place is hidden away in Eastern Louisville. Plan your visit to coincide with one of the many weekend events they offer during the summer, most of which are free. A favorite is the weekly Saturday morning farm feedings.

Of course, for our staycation, we have the local pool which is paid for under our condo maintenance fees, and if it rains, we can always have a movie day using Red Box movies for $1 each, or through Netflix for free (under our subscription).

Other fun (free) things include: the library's summer reading program and bi-weekly events to go along with it; the Speed Art Museum; picnics at one of the many parks designed by the famous Frederick Ohlmsted; movie nights at the zoo (free with admission...or membership); the list goes on.

If you live here and have some other ideas, please leave them in the comments for me.


  1. I have nothing to add to your post but just wanted to say Hi! I found your blog when I was googling for some coloring pages for an artist we studied today - William Glackens:) I love that you are so active in your child's education! I homeschool an only child, so was interested to read some of your older posts!
    Rosemary in Australia.

  2. Great job! I'm adding this to my list. Thank you! (Will you add a link directly to the staycation roundup?)

  3. What a fun idea! The Slugger Museum looks fantastic - what a unique experience!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and letting me know about the book lists for rising first and second grade readers. I have requested many of the books from the library - can't wait to get them :)